Welcome to TinyTipis.com

Who started Tiny Tipis?

I am Cory B., the one and only seamstress, artist, and creator of Tiny Tipis. I have been sewing longer than I can remember. I researched and designed the patterns myself from books, online sources, and conversations with people who have many years more experience. As a new stay at home mom and housewife I needed something to occupy my time that took up little space. Thus, Tiny Tipis were born! I hope to someday teach my son to sew the same way I was taught by my grandmother when I was just a few years old.

What was the inspiration for Tiny Tipis?

My long time obsession with Native American Teepees started when I used to sew full sized ones for a living. I loved the lines on the fabric where the seams blocked out bits of light and how warm they could be inside while outside was a blizzard. The power of canvas moved me. When I moved into a small apartment I found I had no room to sew a normal tepee and no yard so even if I had made a large tipi I wouldn’t have had anywhere to set it up. This didn’t stop me for long. I opened a book and started translating large patterns down to a smaller size that could be managed easier in my tight space.

What makes a Tiny Tipi different from traditional full size tepees?

  • The most noticeable difference is the size of course. Currently all of our small tipis are made in 1:12 scale (1″ scale) so they can easily fit indoors unlike a large teepee.
  • Tiny Tipis are made from 8 oz. canvas. This is a lighter weight of canvas than used for the large tipis but proportionally it is stronger since there is less stress on a Tiny Tipi than a large teepee.
  • A Tiny Tipi is not made to have real fire in it. Instead, we offer an LED battery powered tea light that flickers like a real fire.
  • A Tiny Tipi is more cost effective than a full size. The poles are canvas cover are much cheaper. Custom paint and beading is around half the cost.
  • A Tiny Tipi comes with the option of custom beadwork. It is hard to find someone who will do beading on a large tipi and also is extremely expensive.
  • The setup for a Tiny Tipi is very similar to a full size but is less physically demanding. The time it takes to erect a Tiny Tipi is comparable to that of a full sized tepee.
  • Tiny Tipis last longer. Even outdoors they experience less stress since they have a lower profile and don’t catch as much wind. Just like a full size teepee they do have to be occasionally maintained when erected outdoors.
No two Tiny Tipis are exactly the same! Our tipis are handmade with attention to detail so you can be sure the item you receive is the highest quality! We use 8 oz canvas and include all ropes and lacing pins needed to set it up! Poles come in Poplar or Oak, instructions to make your own upon request or you can check out the How To Video! Each tipi is blessed before we sell it, and custom Paint Jobs and Beading are available as well! If you don’t see the size or style you want don’t hesitate to ask. Anything is possible!

Our Goals

  • Quality is our Number 1 goal! If the product sent is perfectly made and shipped with care everyone involved can have the best experience possible!
  • Individuality and Uniqueness are a priority too. Each tipi is considered a rare piece of art that has it’s own personality and purpose. The inner hem at the bottom of each tepee is marked with the date finished, pattern style and size, edition number, and the initials of the creator. In this way it is made into a limited edition sculpture and/or canvas painting that if properly taken care of will gain value over time!
  • Authenticity is a large goal of ours as well. There are many different ways to make a tipi. Each pattern is carefully researched to ensure it is accurate to a specific time period and Native American tribe!
  • Your satisfaction is very important to us! Our customers are our lifeblood, which is why we offer as many options as we can! There is a limited warranty for indoor tipis, detailed set up instructions with diagrams, online instructional videos, quick response time on emails and phone calls, custom art work including paint and beadwork, and we love to honor special requests!
  • Beauty and elegance are of the utmost importance. Each teepee is treated as a unique piece of art – it is absolutely necessary that each one stands out! Tiny Tipis are put together one panel at a time so that all the lines remain when light is shown through the tipi. The lines created by the seams are part of the beauty of a Native American teepee which is why we would never dream of simplifying the pattern. A few extra hours of sewing is well worth the end product!