Personalized Dreamcatcher

Handmade item
Materials: All natural, self harvested wood, string, thread
Made to order


There are four simple steps to creating your perfect dream catcher!

1st step: Pick the style of circle you want.
2nd step: Pick the colors you want, up to three.
3rd step: Pick your top.
4th step: Pick your beads.

1st step: Pick the style of circle you want.
~Natural – No thread wrapped around it.
~Half Wrapped – Only half the circle is covered with thread.
~Full Wrap – The entire ring is covered with thread.

2nd step: Pick the colors you want, up to three.
~I have over 900 thread colors so describe according to crayola or html code and I will get as close as I can. You can let me know what colors in the notes to seller when purchasing. If anything is unclear I will contact you to make sure every detail is perfect.

3rd step: Pick your top. Again, please put your choice in the notes to seller when purchasing. I will clarify everything with you before I start your dream catcher.
~Plain – nothing on top.
~Beaded – like the last photo.
~Bare Trees – like the first photo.
~For Fancy trees please see my other customizable listing (like photo four)

4th step: Pick your beads.
~None – no beads inside the dream catcher – photos one and two.
~Some – a few beads in the middle.
~More – almost as many as photo four.
~Most – see photo four.

Every dream catcher I sell is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. I begin with a branch that I harvest myself from a tree that allows me to cut it. I slowly turn each branch into a natural circle that is woven in a way so that it requires nothing to hold it in it’s shape. After the branch dries in place I begin to wrap it with cotton embroidery thread and weave the web. I then decorate the top how I feel fit. The last part are the beads on the base which act as a counter weight to the decoration on top as well as completing the visual border.

If you would like specific spiritual items included please message me and I will let you know an address where you can mail things. Photo four is my most detailed custom dream catcher so far and was made with stones and beads sent to me by the owner.

If there is a purpose you would like me to consider when making your dream catcher please include it in the message when you purchase. Each one takes on it’s own personality and purpose. If you aren’t sure of the purpose I will find one that will benefit you.

Please note that while this is a custom ordered item the artist still retains all rights of expression and will create the best item possible within the given boundaries. If you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase please contact me so I may try to resolve it. All photos are custom ordered dream catchers that have already been sold.


Ships Worldwide from Colorado Springs, CO

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